Sunday, September 25, 2011

I’M FROM BARCELONA (London Tabernacle, 20/09/11)

After a two year absence from these shores, I’m delightful to confirm the Swedish joy Collective retain their crown as the Most Fun Live Band In The World Ever. Their charming low budget take on the Flaming Lips (Balloons! Confetti! Co-ordinated singalongs!) is even more welcome now the real Flips have steadily succumbed to unbearable pretention, and it’s easy to forget how many insanely catchy tunes they have under their belt. New songs such as “The Game Is On” segue seamlessly into old classics, and Emmanuel remains one of the most likeable frontmen in music. I’m not a naturally religious man, but if I’m From Barcelona were a cult, I’d sign up without a second thought.

(Photo: John Gleeson)

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