Sunday, November 13, 2011

BRAIDS (London XOYO, 09/11/11)

XOYO may be the second worst gig venue in the whole of London (after Proud Galleries, a den of such unspeakable dreadfulness that it may, in itself, constitute a whole new circle of Hell), but not even its crap acoustics, lack of air conditioning, ill-placed pillars and clientele straight out of “Being A Dickhead’s Cool” could ruin the blissful majesty of Braids. I’ve been a fan since first hearing “Liver And Tan” back in 2009, and although their set was rather front-loaded, their lush, synth-driven pop (think a chilled out, female-fronted Alvin Band) ticked all the right boxes for me. Hope to see them back soon- but in a less relentlessly shit venue.

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