Sunday, April 22, 2012

65DAYSOFSTATIC (London Garage, 10/04/12)

My first 65daysofstatic show in half a decade, and man, I’d forgotten how good a live band they are. Achieving a perfect balance between the math-rock instrumentals of old and the dancier material of recent years, there was hardly a moment to catch one’s breath as they unleashed one killer onslaught of grinding guitars and shimmering electronica after another. Plus, they finished their main set with the unbeatable double-whammy of Retreat Retreat->Radio Protector, which automatically made this the most sweatily enjoyable show of 2012 so far.

(Photo: Rachel Lipsitz)

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Ed said...

This band is playing at Tramlines. I'm going to make a point of seeing them now, so that I can compare my experience with yours.