Friday, August 10, 2012

COCOROSIE (London Royal Festival Hall, 04/08/12)

The sisters Casady have long established themselves as some of the more eccentric presences in the hipstersphere, but the years have mellowed their weirder, more inscrutible tendencies. Their unique fashion stylings and androgyny remain (although the 'taches are notably absent), but their music is more accessible than ever and, in my opinion, much better for it. That's not to say they've shifted into MOR territory - they've got a beatboxer doing the percussion for Chrissakes - but Sienna's angelic soprano and Bianca's gravelly rasp are underpinned by song structures more traditional than their sometimes alienating earlier material. Slightly disappointed they didn't play the incredible "Lemonade", but the beautifully striking contrast between their voices coupled with their marvellous blend of quirky folk, classical and hip-hop made this one of the foremost musical pleasures of recent months.

(Photo: Stefanos Zachariadis)

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