Sunday, October 28, 2012

ACID MOTHERS TEMPLE (London Café Oto, 23/10/12)

The (in)famous Japanese psychedelic rock band advertised their second London show in two days as a one-off “electric jazz" set. What actually happened was they got bored of jazzin' within 20 minutes and ended up going off on the most brilliantly bizarre musical tangents I’ve ever experienced, encompassing a Jethro Tull tribute where the band pranced about with recorders, a cover of Tubular Bells with percussion courtesy of their guitarist (who doesn’t know how to play drums), a gravelly Delta Blues pastiche and finally, an incredible half-hour version of their spaced-out epic “Pink Lady Lemonade”. Not the kind of thing I’d ask for every day, but as a one-off it was a left-field, thoroughly enjoyable triumph.

(Photo: Mike Winship)

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