Sunday, October 28, 2012

DAN DEACON (London Scala, 26/09/12)

Even though I’ve seen Dan Deacon do pretty much this exact same show seven times by now, it still engenders a level of glee unmatched by anything else under the sun. The new iPhone/Android app that pulses coloured lights in time with the music adds a fancy new form of interactivity to proceedings, but as always, it’s the core triumvirate of brilliantly trippy songs, hilarious banter and a shedload of audience participation that made this an absolute joy to be part of. True, one day it’d be nice to see a DD performance that reflects the increasing maturity and majesty of his music, but for now, let’s all head to the mountain of snow, upon the big glen…

(Photo: Eleonora Collini (The 405))

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