Friday, April 19, 2013

BRASS BAND BATTLE- BALKANS VS MEXICO (London Barbican, 14/04/13) 

All that really needs to be said about this phenomenal brass-off between the Serbian Boban I Marko Marko Markovic Orkestra and the Mexican Banda Estrellas de Sinaloa de Gérman Lizarraga is that it inspired a typically staid and highbrow Barbican audience not only to initiate a conga line around the venue, but also to undertake two full-on stage invasions. For my money, the Balkans easily won it, with a far more varied and technically brilliant set, but the Mexican's played their hearts out too, with “Tequila Mambo” an obvious highlight. Without a doubt the most fun I've had this year outside of a Dan Deacon gig.

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