Sunday, November 28, 2010

JONSI (London Hammersmith Apollo, 26/11/10)

I wanted this to be the gig of the year…but it was merely very, very good indeed. Jonsi has one of the most truly beautiful voices in the business, and complete with some wonderful costumes, the most stunning projection work I’ve ever seen at a show and impeccable musicianship tonight certainly wasn’t lacking in memorable moments. But the songs are just too lightweight to engage on an emotional level; whilst I hoped for shivers down my spine, in general they were conspicuous by their absence- the one exception being the transcendentally epic "Grow Till Tall", which is up there with “Untitled 8” for sheer, mindblowing intensity. An excellent performance, for sure, but not the classic I’d anticipated.

(Photo: Visuels_ (Flickr))

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